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At our recent Conference in Munich, we shared with the audience a number of commitments that we made to all our Members for the next 18 months; a summary of these promises can be found below:

1. Institute of Customer Service Journey:

Our journey with the Institute of Customer Service journey is an ongoing testament to our commitment of providing unparalleled customer experiences for all of our Members. Through continuous improvement and feedback from you, we aim to remain World Class, following our 82.9 score in March 2023.

2. Training Academy Advancements:

The Training Academy lies at the heart of our commitment to our Members’ growth. In the coming year, we pledge to deliver on our promise with more face-to-face events and the launch of our eagerly awaited Online Training Academy. Covering subjects such as The Sales Process, Customer Service and Retention, Product Training, PR and Media, HR and a comprehensive suite of over 20 marketing modules, we aim to empower our Members with the knowledge needed to thrive.

3. SinGs Online Banking Developments:

We are dedicated to rolling out our online banking proposition, SinGs, to meet the needs of our Members. Continuous investment and tech development ensures that our platform remains cutting-edge, providing efficient and secure banking solutions, specifically to our TTA, Worldchoice Plus and Global Members.

4. AI Training through the Training Academy:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is part of our future, and we are committed to equipping you with the skills to navigate this transformative landscape. Our Training Academy will introduce actionable training and support on AI to enhance your skills and drive more efficiency within your businesses.

5. Free CRM Tool in Partnership with Inspiretec:

Through our partnership with Inspiretec, we offer all our Members the opportunity to access a free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. This tool aims to improve operational efficiencies and elevate customer experiences, empowering our Members to succeed in a competitive market. To register your interest for this service, please visit The Hub.

6. Marketing Services:

  • 6.1 Bespoke Print Services:

Leveraging our scale, our Members can now entrust us to manage the print process on their behalf, saving time and ensuring competitive pricing. Our bespoke print services are designed to streamline operations and empower you to focus on your core business activities. To find out more information about this service, please visit The Hub.

  • 6.2 Supermarket Magazine Distribution:

Attracting new customers for our Members is one of our Marketing Team’s key focuses, and with our Supermarket Magazine Distribution initiative, we are committed to doing just that. As part of your membership, you can enjoy two fully personalised magazines distributed to local supermarkets per year, attracting potential new customers in your area. To register your interest for this service, please visit The Hub.

  • 6.3 Managed Email Marketing Service:

Our scale becomes your benefit with our Email Marketing Service. Members can utilise our dedicated in-house resource to deliver our personalised consumer e-shots to your database, saving time and generating valuable leads. We have a full roadmap of developments to bolster this service, including segmentation through the new CRM initiative. To register your interest for this service, please visit The Hub.

7. Carbon-Neutral Commitment:

In a world focused on sustainability, we are proud to announce our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by 75% year-on-year, with the ultimate goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030. We are partnering with One Carbon World, a United Nations Climate Change Observer Organisation, and we invite all our Members to join us on this journey and access learning opportunities through The Training Academy.

As we continue this journey into 2024, our Members’ success remains at the forefront of our priorities and we hope that these commitments solidify our promise of inspiring, growing and protecting our individual travel members.

Our commitment to supporting each one of our Members remains unwavering, and in the upcoming year, we are dedicated to providing even more resources and opportunities, to make sure that our Members feel valued as an integral part of our Group.

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