Answers From The Experts Q4 Marketing Campaign

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The Travel Network Group is thrilled to announce the launch of their newest campaign: “Answers from the Experts.” This initiative is designed to empower the Group’s travel Members and reinforce the pivotal role of their business’ in offering personalised, expert guidance to clients with diverse holiday requirements.

Travel agents have always been the trusted guides for travellers, and this new campaign takes this commitment to the next level. Ross East, Group Marketing Director says “We believe that in the era of information overload, personalisation and expertise are more important than ever, and it’s our Members who hold the key to providing invaluable answers to their customers questions.”

The “Answers from the Experts” campaign emphasises the personal touch that travel agents bring to every interaction. Whether it’s a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a solo adventure.

This campaign rounds off the year, following their recent announcement of their magazine portfolio redesign in September. Members can also utilise their personalised brochures as well as an array of digital activity throughout the quarter to support with sales. 

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For more information about ‘Answers from the Experts’, The Travel Network Group Members can find this on The Hub, the Group’s in-house marketing portal.

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