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Being able to offer the best travel products relies on your ability to form strong partnerships with the travel suppliers who provide them. In our business, it really is ‘who you know’, and that’s where the Commercial team comes in. We only know the best.

Between us, we have over 70 years’ experience across the international travel and tourism sector, including tour operating, touring and cruising. This has allowed us to form strong relationships with over 175 market-leading suppliers, securing the best deals and terms for our members. By negotiating on your behalf, you can set your business up for financial success, spend more time with your customers and do what you do best – selling holidays. Now what travel business doesn’t want that? 

What can we do for you?


Benefit from the buying power of the
UK's largest independent travel network to help grow your sales


Your agreements with travel suppliers will be developed by our teams to comply with all CAA requirements


Harness our relationships with over 175 travel suppliers, and access products from all travel sectors and specialisms

Access to Training & Incentives

Learn the ins and outs of the travel products you sell through regular training and incentives

Competitive Commissions

Receive incredibly competitive commissions and improved commercial terms negotiated on your behalf

Become a Business Partner

Consider becoming a business partner to distribute your products through our members

Buying Power

By joining the largest independent travel network in the UK, you benefit from our incredible buying power, which will in turn help grow your sales. Membership gives you access to over 175 Business Partners, all with extremely competitive commissions, which you may not be able to secure on your own. Join us to leverage the relationships we have with these Business Partners and achieve the right results for you and your customers.

But don’t let that restrict you – as a member, you are also free to work with your own suppliers as soon as we’ve had a chance to approve them.

Strong Partnerships with Business Partners

You can benefit from our strong partnerships with over 175 travel suppliers, or as we call them, Business Partners. This gives you and your customers access to the products of tour operators, airlines, ancillaries and accommodation providers from all travel sectors and specialisms. Our Commercial team can help you with day-to-day administration related to our Business Partners, provide support when opening trading accounts or escalating queries to key stakeholders across supplier businesses.

Competitive Commissions and Commercial Terms

The scale and diversity of our members means we can negotiate incredibly competitive commissions and improved commercial terms on your behalf. This allows you to pass holiday offers and flight deals on to your customers that simply aren’t available to everyone. 

Compliant Agency Agreements

Our Commercial team develops all agreements between our members and Business Partners, ensuring that they comply with CAA requirements. As a result, you will be able to trade under one central ATOL Agency Agreement. This removes a huge administrative burden, but still allows you to retain your independence. We have the ability to provide bespoke commercial solutions for you, letting you retain your independence whilst still benefitting from the buying power and expertise of a large travel consortium.

Opportunities for Training and Incentives

With such a huge variety of Business Partners available to our members, we understand how difficult it can be to learn the ins and outs of each product. That’s why we offer regular webinars, training sessions and networking events in collaboration with our Business Partners to help you communicate the benefits of their products to your customers. Each week, we will also keep you updated with the latest news as well as details of incredible incentives, competitions and fam trips to make sure you never miss out.


Become a Business Partner

If you would like to discuss the opportunity of becoming a business partner, whether you are an existing member or an external supplier, please email or call 01483 545780 (option 3).

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