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Explorer and The Cruise Collection magazine

The Travel Network Group has announced a brand-new redesign of its in-house magazines starting with ‘Explorer’ and ‘The Cruise Collection.’ These revamped publications, which Members can share with their customers, are set to elevate the experience for both the travel businesses and customers alike, offering a comprehensive blend of destination insights, exclusive offers, and captivating editorial content.

The first magazine to benefit from this redesign in the ‘The Cruise Collection’, which is now seamlessly integrating offer-led content with engaging destination-led editorial pieces, to showcase the Group’s in-house tour operator The Cruise Club’s exclusive product range. This content will bring the products to life in a way that captures the essence of the destinations on offer. Members can expect a wealth of valuable content that will not only inform but also inspire their clients.

The Cruise Collection Sep 2023
Explorer Magazine 2023

Meanwhile, ‘Explorer’ magazine will continue to provide travel agents the best of touring and adventure products. The latest edition includes a fact-file overview of destinations that will empower them with essential knowledge to better assist their clients. Alongside this, readers will be treated to thought-provoking editorial pieces that dive deep into the culture, history, and unique experiences each destination has to offer.

Both printed and electronic versions of the magazines are included as part of The Travel Network Group’s marketing proposition which is available to all Members, demonstrating commitment to supporting travel businesses in their efforts to provide unparalleled experiences to their clients.

“At The Travel Network Group, we are always striving to innovate and add value to our offerings, with a focus on inspiring customers and helping our valued travel agent Members convert leads into sales,” said Ross East, Group Marketing Director.

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