A Look Back on our Beyond The Expected Conference

Relive the extraordinary experience of our 2019 conference in the heart of Budapest! The excitement is building once again as we gear up for our upcoming conference, where we promise to go even further “Beyond the Expected.” Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and recall the unforgettable moments that made the last conference an event to remember.

A Captivating Theme in the Enchanting City of Budapest

The stage was set, and Budapest provided a picturesque setting for our conference. Known for its breathtaking architecture and vibrant culture, the city inspired creativity and exploration. In the spirit of ‘Beyond the Expected,’ we ensured that attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of Budapest. An Illumination Cruise onboard AmaSonata allowed us to witness the city’s charm from the River Danube, creating unforgettable memories. Additionally, the Budapest Market Hall treated everyone to a traditional Hungarian feast, making it a truly enriching cultural experience.

Unleashing Creativity with Captivating Keynotes

The conference hosted keynote speakers who brought their unique stories and expertise to the stage. Rachel Woolf, an experienced leadership and strategy coach from Complete Coherence, joined us as a keynote speaker, sharing her wisdom and guiding us on our journey to greatness.

We were thrilled to have Bonita Morris – the youngest person to reach both the summit of Everest and The North Pole. Her empowering presentation centred around the theme of harnessing self-belief, inspiring attendees to unlock their full potential and reach new heights of success.

And who could forget Sir Brendan Hall, the legendary round-the-world yacht race-winning skipper? His uplifting and emotional presentation was truly beyond expectations, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

Engaging Workshops

The conference was not just about listening to captivating keynotes. Engaging workshops provided a platform for in-depth discussions, enabling Members to dive deeper into relevant topics. These interactive sessions fostered creativity and sparked collaborations that would continue well beyond the conference.

Looking Forward: Join Us for the Upcoming Conference

As we reminisce about the remarkable 2019 conference, that brought together both our amazing Members and Business Partners, we are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming event. With an even more exciting lineup of speakers and activities, providing a great opportunity to build connections and inspire new ideas.

Our 2023 conference, taking place in Munich promises to take you on a journey that will challenge your expectations and inspire you.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements on our website and social media channels.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our 2023 conference this December!

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