My Holiday Wishlist Q3 Marketing Campaign

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The Travel Network Group, which represents over 1,000 independent travel businesses, has announced the launch of its new Q3 marketing campaign, ‘My Holiday Wishlist.’

This campaign is set to captivate the imagination of travellers, offering them a unique opportunity to craft their dream holidays with a personalised touch.

‘My Holiday Wishlist’ empowers customers to shape their perfect getaway by creating a personalised wishlist of dream destinations, activities, and experiences they have always longed for. Whether it’s basking on a sun-kissed tropical island, exploring historical wonders, or embarking on thrilling adventures, The Travel Network Group Members will be able to turn their customers’ cherished dreams into a tangible reality.

 Ross East, Group Marketing Director at The Travel Network Group, says: “We are thrilled to introduce ‘My Holiday Wishlist,’ an incredible concept that truly puts the power of travel into the hands of our Members, inspiring their customers no matter what type of holiday they want. This campaign allows our Members to connect with their customers, understanding their aspirations, and transforming their travel dreams into cherished memories.”

Members will have received the window campaign and a multitude of digital collateral including social tiles and GIFs and headers for Instagram and Facebook, TV visuals and campaign assets with an overbranded video and reels content, personalised brochures and more print activity to follow.

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For more information about ‘My Holiday Wishlist’, The Travel Network Group Members can find this on The Hub, the Group’s in-house marketing portal.

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