Worldchoice Plus Benefits

The Benefits of Joining Worldchoice Plus

Worldchoice Plus gives you all the benefits of our Worldchoice membership proposition, and even more besides. The best thing about Worldchoice Plus is that we take care of time consuming tasks, provide you with comprehensive back office administration and operational support including ACAS, our online system for managing payments. All this leaves you free to focus on growing your business.

Read on to find out even more of the benefits of Worldchoice Plus membership:

  • Removes the burden of back-office administration
  • 100% Financial Protection for you and your customer, you will be allocated your own unique licence to trade number
  • Financial protection tools, including our Group ATOL and Supplier Failure cover
  • Lower operating costs from preferential services and rates
  • The power to help compete in growing market with commercial deals through the group buying power
  • Inspiring marketing campaigns with ongoing training and advice
  • Access to specialist product areas including Cruise Club and Foreign Exchange
  • Shared knowledge, experience and business mentoring with regular communications and updates

Who should join Worldchoice Plus?

This membership proposition is particularly well suited to:

  • Business owners who wish to free themselves of time consuming administration and financial tasks so that they can focus on growth and sales
  • Homeworkers who may have built up a good database of regular clients and now feel that they are ready to venture into their own business
  • Business owners who wish to retire without selling or closing their agency may consider the Worldchoice Plus membership to be an excellent way of removing their capital and liability, leaving friends, relatively or employees with a sustainable business that can be driven forward

Keen to find out more?

To find out how Worldchoice Plus or any of our other travel brands can support your travel business, call our Recruitment Team on 0800 680 0707 / 01483 545783 or send us an email to

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