Access to a specialised search and booking system

Available exclusively to The Travel Network Group members, Dynamic is a search and booking system which allows you to book flights, accommodation, Car Hire or transfers, attractions & car parking either individually or combined to create a dynamic package. We’ve made huge investment into the system and have seen growth of 148% year-on-year, which highlights its success. We’re not normally ones to blow our own trumpet, but feedback from our members tell us it’s one of the strongest Dynamic Packaging systems in the market.

What does the Search & Booking system give you?

Search and Book

Dynamically package your very own packages using a variety of flight, accommodation, transfers, car hire, car parking and attraction products


Sell flight inclusive products that are fully compliant with ATOL Regulations, without the need for your own licence


Get help with your booking queries from our support team that prides itself on exceptional customer service

Search & Book

Using the Dynamic Search & Book system, you will be able to search for a variety of travel products from a variety of Business Partners and travel suppliers. You can combine the products into a dynamic package for your customers with 100% financial protection under our ATOL license and you also have the option to add further commission, booking fees and admin charges to the cost of the booking. With Dynamic, you’re in complete control!


By booking flight inclusive products via our Dynamic Search & Booking technology, the Travel Network Group members act as a retail agent of our ATOL. That means that all sales are fully-compliant with both the Package Travel Regulations and the ATOL Regulations, without the need for your own licence!

Dedicated Support Team

Whether you’re new to dynamic packaging systems or know them like the back of your hand, our dedicated support team is available to help you with any booking queries or system support as you need them. The Dynamic support team is available 6 days a week as well as via an out-of-hours line for emergencies. We also offer training via webinar or a visit to your business! Positive feedback from our members about this team demonstrates our commitment to high-quality customer service as well as our ability to deliver on our service level agreements.

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