Do I Need Experience?

An Independent Travel Experts membership caters for individuals with zero travel experience to those with existing travel businesses, tailoring your membership to what you need.

new to travel

For those who are new to the travel industry, Independent Travel Experts offers an exceptional platform to launch a successful career. ITE provides comprehensive training, mentorship, and a supportive community of experienced travel professionals. Joining ITE equips newcomers with the knowledge, resources, and industry connections needed to build a thriving travel business from the ground up. It’s a pathway to quickly gain expertise and credibility in the travel field while benefiting from the collective wisdom of ITE’s seasoned members.

travel industry professional

Those with prior travel industry experience can take their careers to the next level by joining Independent Travel Experts. ITE provides a platform to harness their expertise and entrepreneurial spirit while benefiting from a strong support system. Seasoned industry professionals can enjoy the autonomy of running their own travel business within the ITE framework, allowing them to focus on what they do best – selling holidays. Additionally, ITE offers access to a network of like-minded peers and a chance to stay current with industry trends and innovations, ensuring continued success and relevance in a rapidly evolving travel landscape.

existing travel business

Established travel businesses can greatly enhance their operations and expand their market presence by becoming part of Independent Travel Experts. ITE offers access to a vast network business partners, increasing the potential for new partnerships and revenue streams. Existing businesses can leverage ITE’s marketing tools, industry insights, and collaborative opportunities to stay competitive, diversify their service offerings, and provide customers with a broader range of travel options, thereby ensuring long-term success and growth.

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