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‘Move your way’ was the theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week and our teams at Head Office took the message to heart by engaging in a range of activities.

Many team members took part in imaginative 15 minute walks to a number of well-known sites around the centre of Woking.

Taking to the streets in small groups, team members were encouraged to enjoy the fresh air and to stop to take in their surroundings – boosting their physical and mental health at the same time.

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It was a great opportunity to appreciate being outdoors in the company of other colleagues. Our teams were encouraged to take a fun photo when they reached their destination and to post it on a common board.

We also made foot and back massages available for our team members in a specially created Zen Zone – offering moments to relax and unwind in a serene space.

The activities were part of our full programme for Mental Health Awareness Week arranged with team members – who were asked to tick off what they had done on a Self Care Bingo Card.

Our Bingo Card urged staff to learn something new and to do something creative as well as drinking water regularly during each day and to celebrate small wins.

The week started with a welcoming invitation to a nutritious breakfast and a morning tea or coffee delivered by a member of the organising team. We also encouraged team members to sample lemon, ginger and honey shots and to try stretches at their desk as a communal activity.

A wide range of resources were made available with a Mental Health and Wellbeing Pack distributed to each work pod to support every team member.

We hope that our team members have moved forward in mind and body following the week’s programme!

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