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TTA continues to grow membership base as trials of new Dynamic Packaging technology are rolled out

The Travel Trust Association (TTA) grew its membership base by 30 members during 2011 representing a growth of over 7 percent and bringing its overall TTA membership base to 431 members and overall, The Travel Network Group’s membership to 820.

The company believes that much of this new growth comes from the fact that as a business they are so well prepared for the ATOL reforms that will be introduced in April 2012. The Travel Network Group, the parent company of TTA, has led the industry on financial protection with its TTA "T" ATOL franchise arrangement, signed back in November 2010 to take into account the changes. It also launched its ATOL Angel for its Worldchoice ABTA members in December 2010.

Gary Lewis, Group Managing Director of The Travel Network Group said: “The TTA "T" ATOL Trust Account model is unique and continues to be the only model to offer 100 percent financial protection for consumers and business partners – a proposition unrivalled in the UK travel trade, including both ABTA and the CAA. It also offers a real opportunity for dynamic packaging businesses to flourish under the new reforms coming in April 2012.”

Mr Lewis said that enquiries for membership into the TTA were steady throughout last year, and he is confident that this will remain the case going into 2012. He said that business professionals and entrepreneurs looking to enter the UK travel industry wanted not only financial protection for consumers and business partners but also comprehensive insurance coverage, guaranteed merchant facilities with no bonding fees, as well as long term commercial agreements with strategic partners for the traditional, specialist and luxury packaged products – all of which are offered by TTA.

To further its proposition to existing and new members the TTA began trialling a new Dynamic Packaging system last December developed in-house by its 5-strong IT team in Woking. The new technology – named Honeycomb – will allow members to search, book and dynamically package all through one system. The launch of Honeycomb, which is expected to take place later this year, will be done in phases: Honeycomb flights, Honeycomb Cruise and Honeycomb Dynamic Packaging. It will also cater for Hotel, Resort and Port Transfers and Accommodation.

“Honeycomb will be a major benefit to our members when it goes live later this year and will be travel’s leading and zero cost distribution solution for small and medium-sized enterprises looking to enter the travel industry. There can be no denying that we haven’t had some issues with the system, but this is to be expected with any major systems development, “continued Mr Lewis. “ However, we are confident that we are building a robust and innovative system that will be cost free to Members and Business Partners and offer a Business to Consumer solution to small and emerging travel businesses,” he said.

The system will allow members to set their own commission levels, therefore giving them the opportunity to earn higher margins.

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