ATOL Reforms

ATOL Reforms

Are YOU ready for all the ATOL Reforms?

The next few months will see many changes in the Travel Industry. The changes will have a big impact on the way you work as independent travel agents. Here is a summary of the regulations and documents that will be introduced in April and October.

What you need to know...

What makes a Flight Plus Sale?

When your customers ask to book a flight with any overseas accommodation and/or car hire at the same time or within a 24 hour period this will require ATOL protection. One common theme that has come up in our ATOL Roadshows is the time frame of when ATOL is required in Flight Plus. The examples below demonstrate when a booking is a Flight Plus sale:

Flight Plus Sale Example:

Miss Russell wants to book a flight to Tenerife. You book the flight as requested on Tuesday. However, the following day (within 24 hours) she comes in asking to book accommodation with you.

Why is this a Flight Plus Sale?

As Miss Russell booked accommodation within 24 hours of booking her flight it requires Flight Plus Protection.

None Flight Plus Sale Example:

Mr Cullen requests to book a flight to Rome. He comes back to see you two weeks later and wants to book car hire.

Why isn’t this a Flight Plus Sale?

The fact that Mr Cullen came back two weeks later to book car hire means that it is outside the time frame of requiring Flight Plus.

Dates to remember...

30th April 2012: ATOL Regulations come into force

1st October 2012: ATOL Certificates launch

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