ATOL Options

ATOL Options

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As you are well aware, the new ATOL regulations are law and they need to be taken seriously. The Travel Network Group has a number of options to make the new regulations easier for you.

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Honeycomb is a booking engine that allows you to search and book flight, cruise, accommodation and transfer product either individually or together as a package. Members need to sign an Agency Agreement and be on TAPS or ACAS prior to using Honeycomb.

Group ATOL

Group ATOL allows you to provide ATOL cover via our ATOL Angel system for flight only and flight plus bookings by booking the product as a retail agent of TTAFS Ltd. Group ATOL offers two levels of coverage, Standard and Gold Plated. The Standard Group ATOL includes ATOL coverage and the Gold Plated Group ATOL includes ATOL, SFC and Travel Disruption insurance. The cost for Standard ATOL cover is £7 per booking and £5 per passenger. The cost for Gold Plated ATOL cover is £7 per booking and £13.50 per passenger. Members need to sign an Agency Agreement and be on TAPS or ACAS prior to accessing the ATOL Angel system.


T-ATOL is the TTA’s franchise arrangement with the CAA. With the T-ATOL, the CAA recognises the unique 100% financial protection to consumers provided by the TTA. Up until 30th April 2012, TTA members have been exempt from paying any ATOL Protection Contribution (APC), when holding their own TTA T-ATOL licence. The CAA have set the APC at an additional £2.50 per passenger for ATOL holders however, the TTA is contributing £1.75 of this per passenger on their members behalf, so the contribution for a TTA T-ATOL holder is £0.75 per passenger. This cost is significantly lower than other ATOL licenses. There are two levels to the T-ATOL, below 1,000 licensable passengers and above 1,000 licensable passengers. The lower level cost is £721.00 and the higher level cost is £1,918.00. Both costs are reduced upon renewal.

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