The Travel Network Group

The Travel Network Group is the UK's largest consortia of travel businesses serving the independent travel sector.

With a history that dates back to 1976, today we support over 700 independent travel agents and offer a powerful distribution to more than 200 tour operators, travel consolidators, airlines and accommodation businesses worldwide.

The breadth and range of our members is vast, ranging from those that run established family-owned travel retailing businesses, through to entrepreneurs who are developing successful technology-based enterprises and tour operators who offer unique travel experiences to travellers the world over.

The Group was born out of various mergers and acquisitions over the past 35 years and continues to grow and evolve in what is one of the world's fasting growing, exciting and ever changing industries.

• 1976 - Worldchoice - is a consortia established to support independent travel retailers
• 1993 - Travel Trust Association (TTA) - launched to provide a low cost entry model to enable travel entrepreneurs to comply with the package travel regulations
• 2008 - Worldchoice Plus- introduced to provide a managed services solution for those currently working in travel wanting to focus on sales and requiring back office support
• 2008 - TTA and Worldchoice - merge to create the UK's largest travel consortia
• 2011 - Independent Travel Experts - a joint venture is undertaken to introduce a homeworking model to the group
• 2011 - The Travel Network Group - TTA Worldchoice is rebranded to reflect the growing diversity of the group

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